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    Founded in 1991, YANGZHOU NEW ENERGY CO., LTD. (JIANGSU HUAYANG NEW ENERGY GROUP) is one of the earliest and largest manufactures of all-glass evacuated tubes and solar water heaters. It is one of the National High-tech Enterprises and one of the first AAA grade enterprises in the industry.

We obtained ISO9001 certification, CCC certification, CE certification and China Golden Solar certification. Our "HUAYANG" brand is awarded China Top Brand, and we have got the Solar Keymark certificate( both EN12975 & EN12976 & SRCC), and we are the first one who got the solar keymark certificated based on EN12976 in China.

We always put much emphasis on innovation and patent protection. Our main products are thermosiphon solar water heaters, compact pressurized solar water heaters and split solar water heaters. They are applied to various constructions. We also manufacture large solar water heating system products for various projects.

We have established marketing network and a service system throughout China. Meanwhile, our products have been exported to more than 50 countries, such as Italy, Germany, Singapore, South Korea, USA and Brazil, etc..

We will continue to provide outstanding services all over the world by providing quality products at competitive prices and being responsive to solar market demands.

In 2010, Got the solar keymark certificate for compact pressure solar water heater( EN12975) & heat pipe solar collectors (EN12976 & SRCC ).

In 2009, Jiangsu Huayang Solaar Energy Group was founded.

In 2006, we implemented the famous "energy specialist & life expert" strategy.

In 2006, we were granted China Golden Solar.

In 2005, HUAYANG Hi-tech Zone was completed.

In 2004, we changed the company name to Jiangsu Huayang Solar Energy Co., Ltd.

In 2003, cooperating with Shanghai Communication University, we founded the joint-venture, Jiangsu Huayang New Energy Co., Ltd., to manufacture air source heat pumps.

In 2001, we became one of the first national AAA grade enterprises in solar heater industry.

In 1998, we manufactured the first mechanical automatic water filler for solar water heater.

In 1994, we became a national high-tech enterprise.

In 1991, cooperating with Qinghua University, we manufactured the first evacuated tube in Eastern China.

In 1990, Hanjiang Huayang Solar Water Heater Co., Ltd. was founded.